Our school would not be in existence without the tremendous amount of volunteer hours contributed by parents on a monthly  basis. As a Charter School, we receive the same education funds as a traditional district public school. However, unlike a traditional public school, we must also pay for our school building out of these funds.  The limited public funds just do not cover the “extras” included in our Waldorf-inspired curriculum. If not for parent volunteer hours and donations, we would not be able to keep our renowned educational programs and our incredible faculty.

Current Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Writers for the Monthly Newsletter: write about school events, recipes to share, alumni updates, Waldorf education, and anything else the larger school community would like to know about.
  • Volunteer for the monthly Walk and Roll to School program. Tally the number of children who bike, walk or carpool to school. That’s it! It’s a great way to meet the community and encourage children to take alternative transportation to school.