Welcome to the Sebastopol Independent Charter School 

Who We Are
Founded in 1995, the Sebastopol Independent Charter School is a public charter school using the Waldorf Curriculum. We now serve more than 260 children in two kindergartens and grades one through eight. The teachers are Waldorf trained and hold state credentials as well. The Charter School allows children from families of all economic levels to enjoy access to the Waldorf inspired curriculum, otherwise available only in costly private schools.

California Charter Schools:
Mandated in 1992 by the California Legislature, Charter schools are free in their choice of educational philosophy, governance procedures and admissions criteria, subject to the approval of the local school district. Our school has a Board of Directors that assures the running of an efficient and effective school.

Our School’s History

The Sebastopol Independent Charter School is a California public charter school using the Waldorf Curriculum.  In 1992, the California State legislature authorized citizens to form “charter” schools.  These new schools allow for some freedom with regard to the requirements of the state education code and greater freedom in their choice of educational philosophy.  Charter schools receive state education funds for each child they enroll just as public schools do.  However, charter school communities must supply their own facilities, a significant portion of any school’s expenses.

In America, Waldorf Schools have traditionally been private schools.  The charter school movement provided the opening for the founders of the Sebastopol Independent Charter School to realize their vision of bringing the Waldorf curriculum to a wider circle of families.  In 1995 the school’s charter was approved by the Sebastopol Union School District.  The doors of the new school opened in 1995 with one kindergarten class.  As the school grew, classrooms were rented and set up in local facilities around Sebastopol.  It is now a K-8 school housed on two sites in Sebastopol, one of which the school’s charitable arm owns.  Throughout the years, parent volunteer efforts and financial contributions have made this growth possible.

The school is currently searching for a permanent site, where all the classes and teachers can be together in one location.