The kindergarten is a warm and inviting place. More like a home than a classroom, there is a kitchen with two polished wooden tables, each surrounded by many small wooden chairs.

Here the children help prepare the morning meal, chop vegetables for soup, stir batter, knead dough for bread. Then the tables are carefully and beautifully set and teachers and children sit down together for a hearty mid-morning snack.

In another area of the kindergarten is a large wool rug. Around it are well-organized play areas with silks and dress ups, wooden swords, jewels, gnome capes and hats, wooden blocks and driftwood pieces, saw horses and colorful sheets that can be draped to create forts, houses, or worlds. Each morning during “free play” the room is humming with the busy work of the kindergarten, which is play.

Each day has its own rhythm of activities including circle time with imaginative games, songs, and movement, rest time, outside play, story, crafts, clean up time, watercolor painting, and beeswax modeling. Festivals, including birthdays, are celebrated throughout the year.

Students have specialized instruction in Spanish and eurythmy as well.